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About Us

The Herbb Horse Rugs story all began in the summer of 2014, in West Sussex, when Julia Dunn founder of Herbb Horse Rugs and her young Thoroughbred one day made his owner re-think and re-look at the design of the traditional horse rug. Having started riding at a very young age and always having horses in her life, Julia understood that horses were becoming more sensitive and prone more to allergies and pollutions which are increasing in our every day lives.

Always having a passion for the "natural way" and using her creative design skills, a new rug was designed which was simple, effective, the horses had tried and tested and most importantly, they worked, be it for a lightweight summer cooler or a warm breathable insulating layer which would work with the horse's skin effectively.

So, much so a new design was developed and after much feedback and helpful trialling with local Arundel Equine Veterinary Hospital, to achieve the ultimate comfortable rug for the horse and importantly with the best of fabric qualities money could buy, with improved versatiliity, ease of washing in an ever busy horse schedule for the horse owner.  They have become easy to use rugs, and very easy to wash too in your domestic machine. 

In the early days Julia manufactured all the "Body Hugger" rugs from her workshop in West Sussex, supplying Oldwick Saddlery & Arundel Equestrian Hospital and via her new online web site, sending mail order to customers within the UK and increasingly overseas, following a debut launch in 2014 with Horse & Hound Featuring Herbb Horse Rugs new rug design.

The "Body Hugger" rug offers the most luxurious breathable layer a horse could wear.. no sweating up, no irritation. And when it's cold the "Body Hugger" rug works as a fantastic insulation rug.. it's versatility and luxurious feel have had some owners call our horse rugs " luxury underwear" , however, we have several weights of rugs and Herbb rugs are designed to be used as stand alone rugs too.

At Herbb Rugs we design and manufacture our Registered Designs to the highest of standards in France and we continue to broaden our range for the benefit of the horse and the owner.



Need help? Click here to contact us for help and support.
We deliver internationally. See our delivery page for details.