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About Us

Herbb Horse Rugs were the Pioneers of 100 % Certified Organic Cotton Horse Rugs in 2013. The Company Founder, Julia Dunn of Herbb Horse Rugs and her young Thoroughbred one day made his owner re-think and re-look at the design of the traditional horse rug.

Having started riding at a very young age, and owning horses most of her life, Julia understood that horses were becoming more skin sensitive, so the best natural fibres was an importance in the design.. following a particular series of events all those years ago, her own young horse was becoming uncomfortable in his rugs and sometimes would take the entire rug off and roll it up in the middle of the stable floor..

so, he perhaps wanted something more comfortable, more breathable, no annoying buckles to rub at the front and no rough straps and buckles around him, so always having to repair previous rugs, Julia decided to re-think and re-design a rug which was importantly, so simple to wash at home, easy for the horse to wear.. and no endless buckles to undo each day especially on frosty mornings..

and so the Body Hugger rug was patterned and made and after much work, and positive feedback from local horse owners, the design was Registered Internationally, the new "Body Hugger rug design was successfully trialled at local Arundel Equine Veterinary Hospital ( Now West Sussex Equine)  on post-op equine patients, which after any anaesthetic sweat up greatly, and therefore needed a layer which allowed them to cool down comfortably. The Herbb "Body Hugger" proved to do just that and more. The local Equine hospital became our very first paying customer.

At Herbb Rugs our team now design and manufacture our Registered Designs to the highest of standards in Europe and we continue to broaden our range for the benefit of the horse and the owner, whilst maintaining quality and affordability.



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