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Some Questions and Answers:

What are the advantages of using the Herbb "Body Hugger" rug on my horse ?

Each Herbb Body Hugger rug is made of 100% Certified organic cotton, which in hot weather has excellent absorbancy with cool water and therefore the heat evaporates far quicker from the horse. Vital element for horse health, if you are competing in temperatures above 25 deg and your horse is working and sweating up.

What is the uniqueness of the Herbb Rug range ?

All design and manufacture is 100% within our Herbb Horse Rugs premises. The original slip-on Body Hugger rug is an International Registered Design. We make all our rugs here in Normandie, France using the highest quality fabrics and no metal buckles.

My horse suffers from sensitve skin and also rug rubs. Can the Herbb rug help?

Time and time again we are hearing how our natural fibre rugs are helping horses. Our rugs are all designed to offer the most comfortable solution, and are made using only the finest certified organic cotton fabrics - all natural fibres against the skin and importantly without the use of chemical residues which can be retained in standard fabrics.  Highly breathable and soft and flexible enabling the horse to move comfortably.

Is certified organic cotton better for my horse's skin/coat ?

Yes, organic cotton is definitely better than conventional cotton and vastly superior to petro-chemical fabrics, such as nylons. Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are being used increasingly, and some residue always remain in the fabric fibers. Therefore, yes the horse rugs made from organic cotton are better for health. All our Organic cotton rugs are 100% GOTS Certified amd offer the best in quality.

Is the fabric on the rug good for sweating up horses?

Yes. It has been proven that cotton is the best fibre for absorption of water. So a very good assistant in helping your horse to evaporate and cool down comfortably.Very important with competition horses to prevent dehydration and heat stroke, which has happened.

Will my horses shoulders be protected from abrasion ? Yes, the Herbb Body Hugger rug design, fits comfortably around the shoulders and flexes.The movement of the fabric and the rugs unique design allow the horse movement without abrasion, slipping or static.

Can my horse sleep in his Body Hugger overnight ? Yes, super comfortable.

Can I use my Body Hugger for summer turnout ?  Yes, the rug fibres are excellent protection against the biting bugs. We would recommend the Body Hugger inc. belly band for extra protection under the belly area.

Could I use under my Fly rug in the Summer ?  Yes, all our lightweight rugs especially the white option are an excellent layer to prevent sweating up and itching in the summer months.

Are Herbb Rugs anti-static ? Yes 

Do you have a "Body Hugger" with a neck ?   Yes, we do now have a complete "Body Hugger" rug

My horse has high withers, and his mane rubs on neckline of usual rugs, will this happen with this rug ?

Herbb rugs are made of soft flexible cotton, and the fabric is forgiving and therefore when using your Herbb rug it will prevent rubbing. We also fit a soft organic cotton wither pad to each rug.We would recommend lightweight layering when using any style of rug.

Do I use my "Body Hugger" also under turnout rugs ?  Yes they can be used daily for this, and act as a great breathable layer against the horses skin. And when it's cold a very warm insulating layer without the sweating up.

What size of Body Hugger do I order ?  We recommend ordering down 1 x size of rug from your usual rug size, as the Body Hugger is designed to fit neatly around the horse's body and it flexes as the horse wears the rug and hence provides a flexible fitted shape. If your horse is particularly big for their breed type we recommend you go with your usual rug size.

The Herbb Turnout rug we recommend going with your usual size as this does not flex.

How Easy is the Herbb rug to wash ?

Very easy. When this rug was designed, it was an important part of the design to make the rug easy to use on the horse and simple to wash & dry in a domestic machine. As the design is buckle-free - you just put on a 15mins wash cycle and hang to dry or gentle warm tumble dry. Your Herbb rug will shrink slightly, but this is normal and your rug will return to its original form once the horse has worn it for a short while.

Do you have a UK outlet ? , No, we like to offer the best service and value to all our customers, by offering purchase direct with us, the manufacturer. 

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